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Sodium alkyliminodipropionates
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Detailed description

Dipropionates are amphoteric surfactants, hydrotropes and wetting agents with excellent detergent properties. They have a synergistic effect when mixed with nonionic surfactants. Stable in acidic and alkaline environments. 

Sinopond® available in two grades: 

  • Sinopond® ADP is sodium alkylminodipropionate, 30% high foaming surfactant. The cloud point is within 78-81 0C.  

  • Sinopond® ADP 40-sodium ethyl hexyliminodipropionate, 40% low-foamy surfactant. Cloud point - 68 0 C. Effective in formulations of products for automatic washing machines, pressure washers, formulations of low-foam shampoos for carpets.  


Detergent and degreasing compositions in household chemicals and car care products. 

Sinopond® is supplied in 51 and 227 liter polyethylene drums, in containers. Sinopond® guaranteed shelf life is one year from the date of manufacture.