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Oil recovery reagents
for oil companies
Total production capacity exceeds 300,000 tons of finished products. Range - more than 50 items. Our clients - more than 3000 enterprises of the Russian Federation and more than 100 enterprises of countries near and far abroad.
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Agrochemistry reagents
Raw materials for the production of modern plant protection products.
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High-quality surfactants for the production of detergents, disinfectants, auto and household chemicals, cosmetics and cleaning.
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Reagents for household and auto chemistry, cosmetics, disinfectants

this direction also includes raw materials for agrochemistry, glass industry.
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Reagents for the oil and gas industry

chemical compounds which, concentrated on the surface of the thermodynamic phase partition, cause a reduction in surface tension.
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About company

Our company has been operating in the Russian market for over 15 years in two key areas:

  • production of surfactants used in prescription cards for household chemicals, cleaning, auto chemistry, cosmetics; production of HOURS;
  • production of reagents for the oil and gas industry.

The scientific base includes its own laboratories, more than 20 partner research institutes and dozens of service and engineering companies among regular customers.

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Supply geography covers the whole of Russia
and the countries of the near abroad