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Cocamide DEA

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Diethanolamides of natural oils.
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Detailed description

Diethanolamides of natural oils.  

Available in two grades:  

Cocamide DEA is a diethanolamide of coconut oil / coconut fatty acids. 

Cocamide DEA-M is a diethanolamide of natural oils / fatty acids of natural oils. 

It is used as: 

  • a re-fatting agent in foam cleaners, protecting the skin from dryness; 

  • a component that helps to increase the viscosity of the finished product and the stability of the foam; 

  • thickener for a wide range of cosmetic products and household chemicals; 

  • component for the manufacture of shampoos, bath foams, dishwashing liquids, cleaning systems. 


Cocamide DEA is supplied in 51 and 227 liter polyethylene barrels, in containers. The guaranteed shelf life of Cocamide DEA is one year from the date of its manufacture.